Bethany Rolfing

Bethany Rolfing

Over time and with continued physical strain, misalignment can occur within the body and ultimately interfere with proper coordination, posture and overall health. Named for its inventor, Dr. Ida Rolf, Bethany Body Works LLC Rolfing treatments are a form of deep tissue massage with the goal of reintegrating surrounding tissue (fasciae) with muscle, to eliminate pain and facilitate movement.

For Physical or Psychological Strain

Since Rolfing is used to treat stress as well as injuries, many people in Bethany can benefit from this remarkable therapy. Whether you are plagued by persistent body fatigue induced by physical or psychological strain, suffer from chronic conditions such as migraines and painful muscle aches, or if you are an athlete seeking to improve coordination and agility, we invite the people of Bethany to visit our massage center for professional treatment and relief.

Three stages of treatment

The initial Rolfing sessions focus on loosening the surface layers of connective tissue to prepare for a structural reorganization and rebalancing of the muscles. Bethany Body Works LLC’s licensed Rolfing practitioners begin with the arms, chest and diaphragm and move downward to the lower back and upper legs.

The second stage of treatment continues with deep tissue massage that focuses on the legs and identifies their interrelated functions that affect the head, shoulders and hips.

The third stage of Rolfing treatment encompasses the entire body from the head down to the pelvis including the deep inner tissue of the legs. The entire physical network is integrated into the final stage of treatment to achieve optimal balance, coordination and flexibility.

Qualified Rolfing Therapists

The professionally trained massage therapists at Bethany Body Works LLC provide detailed assessments prior to treatment to determine if Rolfing is appropriate for you.

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